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1. Where is The Scholars’ Hub located?

Ans: The Scholars’ Hub centers are strategically placed near established or upcoming residential area to make the service available to all the school goers within the reach.

2. What is taught in The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: The Scholars Hub covers all the boards and primary subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology for tutees of class VIII and beyond along with special support for competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE etc.

3. How is academic planning done in The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: A team of dedicated academicians from renowned institution had meticulously designed TSH Academic Calendar which helps the student to manage studies with a practical guideline to handle every topic confidently.

4. How is the Academic Delivery done in The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: TSH practices a scientific delivery mechanism through Study Management Program where all the learning components like lecture, revision, assessment etc are given proportionate weightage. 

5. Does The Scholars’ Hub provide any notes or study material?

Ans: TSH addresses the concern of a learner from his/her point of view. The Study Materials are developed in modular form where each module handles the concept clarity and requisite practice session for individual topic.

6. Who are the faculty members of The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: TSH Faculty or rather Facilitators are regularly trained and oriented through series of Faculty Development Program and Refresher courses and only TSH HR accredited faculty are eligible to mentor the TSH tutees.

7. Other than Study Material what does The Scholars’ Hub provide?

Ans: TSH provides exclusive worksheets or assignments to individual tutee for their self assessment. Each assignment is linked with unique Knowledge Capsule which gives a gist of the topic in a student friendly way.

8. How is assessment done in The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: We are proud of creating an exhaustive question paper repository available to the individual centers through online facility along with their model answers for conduction of test and consultation on demand.

9. How are doubt clearance session conducted in The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: TSH emphasize on in depth doubt clearance for each learner after the topic is covered. The extensive revision program is pursued at the end of each academic semester so that the conceptual clarity of the individual learner is cemented thoroughly.

10. How do The Scholars’ Hub tutees get exams during exam time?

Ans: TSH Exam Success Program (TESP) designed specifically for Board students, TESP consists of comprehensive ALL INDIA MOCK EXAM SERIES with at least 5 MOCK exams getting conducted at frequent interval with ideal answers and test discussions to analyze the performance of the tutees. Any students can attend standalone TESP. It’s a unique opportunity for students to assess and perfect their exam technique and gain the confidence needed to excel in the Board Exam.  Not only will students be able to familiarize themselves with the rigorous nature, style, structure and format of boad exams but the TESP can also help them identify areas of weakness – whether it’s a topic needing more thorough revision or the realization that certain problems can be solved more efficiently.

All exams are marked in strict accordance with the Board of Studies guidelines in order to provide students with an indication of how well they are performing. TSH post-exam reviews and tutorials also strengthen and reinforce the learning process by going through each question and answer step-by-step. TESP also includes essential add on components like STRESS MANAGEMENT, MEMORY MANAGEMENT, TIME MANAGEMENT,  EXAM PHOBIA BUSTERS etc.

11. How do The Scholars’ Hub different from other tutorials?


Traditional Tutorial

The Scholars Hub

Their approach is tutor oriented

Our approach is system oriented

Ambience are mostly not suitable for serious learning

Ambience is student friendly to make the center a comfort zone every learner

Lecture is mostly unidirectional

Lecture is interactive

There is no study material as such

We have indigenously designed study materials

Question papers are made ad hoc without following any blue print or standardization of presentation

Our question papers and worksheets are prepared with blue print in mind and presented in a page made form

Faculty members run the institute as per their individual whims and style without paying enough importance to the need of the learners

Faculty members are oriented and provided a optimum platform for execute  TSH delivery mechanism

Test discussion and doubt clearance are not planned and rather varies from person to person

Test discussion and doubt clearance session are well planned and a integral part of the academic delivery

Assignments are reused and not updated in most cases

Assignments are regularly updated periodically to keep the students ahead of others

Ancillary Intervention like stress management and exam phobia busters are not there

We emphasize on ancillary interventions like stress management and exam phobia busters as we feel performance is not merely dependant upon academic caliber of a learner

Parents have no clue on tutees performance

Parental tips are provided on regular basis

12. What are the main components of academic delivery of The Scholars’ Hub?

Ans: TSH is having a 360 degree approach towards making learning stress free and enjoyable. However the learning is made effective with a few essential components like

  • Zero Hour: An initial session of 10-15 mins where center manager or counselor interact with the learner regarding the overall academic status and performance and feedback analysis of the tutee.
  • Concept Hour: The lecture session by the faculty on a particular topic as per the academic calendar. The session introduces the topic with necessary board work and example to establish the fundamental concept in learner’s mind. At TSH, we are huge advocates of classroom interaction and encourage all of our students to actively participate in topical discussions by asking and answering questions. We keep our classes small – the average number of students per theory class is optimum.
  • Practice Hour: A worksheet or assignment is handed over to the tutee as home work which can be answered or solved by the tutees within a stipulated period of time. All of assignment questions are of a similar style and degree of difficulty to the questions students will encounter in their school assessments and Board examinations.
  • Cementing Hour: A proper doubt clearance session is conducted based on the topic and worksheet to get the concept reinforced and a Knowledge Capsule will be handed over to the student consisting the gist of the topic.
  • Assessment Hour: A small topic wise test will be conducted to be followed with a detailed test discussion and per question analysis.

12. When can I get admitted at The Scholars’ Hub?


Course Offering


Fast Track + Rest of the Course in Pro rata basis


MOCK Exam Series




Full Course


Full Course


Fast Track + Rest of the Course in Pro rata basis


Fast Track + Rest of the Course in Pro rata basis


MOCK EXAM SERIES + Rest of the Course in Pro rata basis




Full Course for Sem II or Post H.Y. Syllabus


Full Course for Sem II or Post H.Y. Syllabus


Fast Track + Rest of the Course in Pro rata basis

The above table indicates that a student can get admission in any point of the year where he/she get directly benefitted from our customized study program. The fee also varies on pro rata basis and justified as per our offerings. Since our approach is topic centric student get the concept clarity as per the importance of the topic and its proportionate weightage.

13. Where do I stand out as The Scholars’ Hub tutee?

Ans: You at TSH will

  • Get more confident than your fellow student
  • Can face any question at any point of time
  • Engage in peer learning effectively
  • Not get scared of exams
  • Get an academic edge ahead of others
  • Feel stress free during the learning process
  • Get a national exposure
  • Get help in career mapping
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Inculcate a habit of daily study routine
  • Handle competitive exams confidently
  • Can prepare for more than one exam in a systematic manner

14. Is there anything else which can add value to the performance of The Scholars’ Hub tutee?

Ans: Yes you get much ancillary support like

  • Students Calendar
  • Formula Compendium
  • Exam calendar schedule
  • Weekly Study Plan

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