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Dear Business Partners,

is an innovative and pioneering system, which we have introduced to give you the required operational edge in Test Management at your ‘The Scholars’ Hub’ centre.

One of the most important aspects of ‘The Scholars’ Hub’ eco-system is OTMIS, a very handy tool designed to enable the faculties to consistently evaluate the student’s academic intake. These evaluations would further enable the faculties to focus on addressing the key result areas crucial for the improvement of the student’s performance directly translating such improvements into the student’s score in the School / Board Examinations.
Some of the specific areas that a systematic evaluation process builds are:
  1. Equips the students with comprehensive examination taking skills and imparts them with the required mental conditioning needed to crack the tests successfully

  2. Enhances the student’s preparation through various / multiple types of questions which builds their understanding and application of fundamentals concepts.

  3. Provides the “The Scholars’ Hub” franchisees / faculties, with the required insight regarding the student’s seriousness, tenacity, consistency and improvement and implement the required measures for course correction.
In order to address the crucial outcome areas as discussed above and to bring in the required process in place, we are hereby introducing this platform to enable you to organize and manage regular testing as per the academic planning as a unique and pioneering step towards empowering you, our “The Scholars’ Hub” franchisees to effectively and efficiently conduct the examinations regularly at your centre.

We wish all our “The Scholars’ Hub” Franchisees the best of tutoring and sure that this path breaking initiative of ours would help you in implementing the operations in much better and planned manner and propel the business to the next level.
With warm regards,
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