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Our Learning Programs

Students are assessed scientifically to determine their skill level at the time of their enrollment and the care is imparted accordingly.

Our classroom programs are closely tied to standard measures required to excel tutees in their board / final examinations.

Our classroom programs are aimed to cover VIII, IX and X standards for CBSE, ICSE and different state boards and also to cover XI, XII classes of Science and Commerce branches for CBSE, ICSE and different state boards in near future. For XI and XII Science branch students, the program is aimed to be extended to cover competitive examinations for admission in premier engineering and medical courses in due course of time.

Trivial additions to curriculum are incorporated to include additional academic help to the tutees keeping their present academic conditions in mind.

Depending on the progress of the tutees, our curriculum is updated in order to promote the acquisition of new skills.

To generate the habit of regular test taking among tutees, internal tests are aimed to be organized periodically at the end of each of the modules. Taking these tests not only help tutees to get rid of exam phobia, but teach them how to make best use of the exam-hours at the same time. Regular discussions on the tests given help tutees to repair their drawbacks.

We provide an inclusive infrastructure to impart a vibrant and competitive environment with a soothing ambience, which is conducive to generate the required concentration and attention among the tutees.

Our Empowerment Test Series program is the best preparatory tool available for any board/school examination. This ETS will be conducted in three separate modes, classroom, postal and on-line.

Tutoring Mechanism

  • We use proven and highly effective strategies to help your child acquire necessary skills needed to score high-end in the examinations.
  • Our classroom lesson plans, supplemented with scientifically oriented study materials, enable the tutees to understand and learn the required subject essentials and adapt and imbibe the much needed scoring techniques.
  • Our learning mechanisms, duly supplemented with study materials, develop excellent study habits among the tutees. They master the subject by consistent practice and revision.
  • Regular revision and periodic tests help tutees to stay exam-ready and thus score high.
  • Our classroom, for any subject, distributes time as per requirement for all its essential components like regular revision, subject lecture, doubt clearance, periodic tests and discussion on the tests. Percentage distribution of time, on the above components, are as shown:


  • For any kind of exam, internal or ETS, a session of doubt clearance follows the examinations. All doubts and misconceptions are thus clarified.
Study Material

Our study materials are conceptualized & developed with relevant subject contents in outstanding format .Enough attention has been put-in to orient each chapter of the syllabi scientifically in multiple modules for the tutees convenient learning and easy understanding. This is broadly summarized as follows:-

  • Explanation on each topic/subtopic is in lucid language with required emphasis on the explanations to enable the tutee to build the fundamental concepts.
  • In subjects like Physics and Chemistry, graphical representation of variations between different quantities is well emphasized.
  • Each single module of a chapter is backed by questions formed in light of those appeared in recent board papers and their best fit answers.
  • Some more important questions whose similar types may probably come in present year’s exam are also furnished in separate section.
  • Once the concept of Board specified question pattern and answer style is built, we gist up the module in a few important points under the heading of ‘Points to Remember’ which will serve as ‘last minute notes’ to the students.
  • All our study materials consist of two exercises per module to emphasize practice on students’ part.

And these study materials form the wholesome and effective learning device under able guidance of our esteemed faculties. These materials are also helpful to guide tutees towards writing the best answers not only in our periodic internal tests but also in their final exams. Thus, these study materials, together with the quality teaching, doubt clearing sessions by our faculties and as an ideal answer bank in the exams, emerge as complete subject guides to the tutees.

Empower Test Series

In order to keep our students in continuous practice of test taking, we have arranged a series of tests for students of classes VIII – XII for the subjects featured under our student-friendly packages. Students enrolled under this program, will take a few fragment tests on fractions of syllabus and also some full syllabus test near the end of the session on different subjects. Separate test series will be available for ICSE / ISC, CBSE and different State Boards.

ETS will be operated in three different modes, - postal, classroom and on-line in near future.

Orientation & Training

In TSH, we aim to utilize the most advanced and proven pedagogy implemented by the most talented faculties throughout the nation. In quest of doing so, we arrange faculty training programs for every single academician who join us as faculties. They are trained to the most disciplined and advanced pedagogy which they can effectively exert in the classroom. We aim to conduct the best quality classes and also to maintain uniformity in our standard throughout our centers across the nation. We aim to guide our faculties to teach your child the way you child understands the best.

Trained to deliver their best in classroom:

All our faculties are extremely talented and dedicated academicians. Through our in-house training program, we ignite their teaching-self to extract their very best of potentials in the classroom. Our mandatory training program aims to enhance eagerness, enthusiastic approach and teaching prowess which will benefit the student community in accomplishing their targets.

Trained to implement the best scoring technique:

Through our advanced training program, our faculties acquire the much required expertise in throwing sufficient light on the scoring techniques ensuring ultimate level of subject preparation of the tutees. In TSH, we constantly monitor the changes and developments taking place in the examination pattern of different boards and the competitive exams. Accordingly we organize sporadic orientation programs for our faculties to be equipped with the most recent scoring techniques.

Trained to make best use of TSH study materials:

TSH study materials are one of the most scientifically-oriented and complete subject contents available. We train our faculties to make the best use of the study materials in the class-room by discussing each and every section of these to our tutees. Best trained faculties, with highest level study materials, make a sure combination for success for tutees.

Trained to impart required care to all:

Our talented faculties are trained to our advanced and proven pedagogy that enables them to empathize with the tutees. We train them to render painstaking support to every child and to make one learn the way one learns the best. Our trained faculties ensure that none of our tutees is left behind while pursuing success.

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