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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE)

Introduction: West Bengal Board of Secondary Education plays one of the most important roles in administering and harmonizing the complete educational backdrop of the State of West Bengal. This board looks after proper organization of the 10th standard Board level examination of the state.  WBBSE caters to 10238 schools till date.

Madhyamik: The 10th standard examination conducted by WBBSE is popularly known as the Madhyamik examination and this examination gets a special priority among the examinees as well as their parents because it is considered as the primary foundation stone for establishing a dream career. So, importance of this examination can easily be understood.  Every year almost 750,000 student participate in this examination and not only in West Bengal, in those entire places wherever schools affiliated to the board exist.

Exam Pattern: Compulsory subjects are first language, second language, physical science (physics and chemistry), life science, mathematics, history andgeography. Out of these, First Language has two papers of 90 marks each, all others have 1 paper each of 90 marks except Second Language and Mathematics, which have 1 paper each of 100 marks. In addition, corresponding to each paper worth 90 (rather than the full 100) marks, the school is allocated 10 marks for internal evaluation. One exception is there when the examinee does not take the exam from any school, in which case there are 10 extra marks in the written papers.

There is also an optional additional subject that can be chosen from those offered by the school among a huge selection allowed by the Board. The most common choice is Work Education plus Physical Education. Other popular choices include Mechanics and Mathematics and Book keeping .Though the subject is optional, very few students fail to take it. If the mark obtained in the additional subject is more than 34, 34 marks are deducted and the rest is added to the Grand Total marks. For marks equal or lesser than 34, no marks are added to the Grand Total.

Delivery Mode:

Ancillary Intervention:

  1. Stress and Time Management Techniques
  2. Dealing with Exam Phoebia
  3. Self Evaluation techniques
  4. Last minutes suggestion

Faculty and Study Material:

Faculty members of TSH are trained in a corporate way to guide the students in a focused manner. The faculties of TSH treat the intrinsic details of the board exams in a customized way to suit the individual needs of the students.

The Study Material of TSH is also developed in an indigenous way to cater the temperament of competitive exams. TSH study material takes care of content and delivery to make the most complicated topic appear easy and comfortable. Apart from this, extensive battery of tests and MOCK Madhyamik exams are there to supplement student’s preparation program.

Course Details:

  1. Foundation (for both class IX and X)
    • Subjects Taught : Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Science
    • Total Class Hours : 180 hours (for class IX) / 200 hrs (for class X)
    • Last Minute Suggestion
    • Assorted Tests : At least 1 test after every topic

  2. Advanced (for both class IX and X)
    • Subjects Taught : Mathematics, Physical Science ,Life Science, English, History and Geography
    • Total Class Hours : 300 hrs (for class IX) / 330 hrs (for class X)
    • Assorted Tests : At least 1 test after every topic
    • Last Minute Suggestion
    • MOCK Madhyamik : 3 periodic exams in the month of February

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